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Default Re: Knowing your role on a team

I'm a scorer first second and third no matter who I play with. I got into basketball because of AI and practiced his moves since I was like 9 years, my go to move is dribbling behind the back and spinning in the opposite direction afterwards. I suck donkey balls at shooting off the dribble but I'm pretty good spotting up from mid-range. Usually I just try to penetrate and finish with floaters, hooks and finger rolls, I love shooting floaters and it's also the one shot I practiced the most. I also love posting up and faking, but I get blocked on my jump a lot lol. When I play competition way ahead of me, I turn into one of those finesse f@ggots and I play purely inside (even though I love chucking up jumpers).

I try to defend as smart as possible. Ie not overly commited to man defense, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of my man, helping out when appropiate. The more games I play, the more lazy I get though, so if you play with me chances are I'll just stand around when we get out on the break to not have to run back on D lol and Im also guilty of pushing people on layup attempts...
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