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Default Re: Knowing your role on a team

It's like.. there's a difference between your objective, and your tools.

Like at one point in time, my objective was to learn how to finish over the big man when he comes over to help.

My tool that I tried to use was a Tony Parker floater. But I realized over time it was an inconsistent shot for me, so I stopped using it.

So the tool was wrong, but I didn't give up my objective. I still wanted to finish over the secondary big man helper.

So I learned some other things. Hitting his man quick when he comes to help. Quicker release on my pull up jumper. Learning to finish better with contact so I can go right at the big man. Just anything I could.

So if your objective is to learn to be a better at driving, maybe the tools of cross over and hop step aren't the best for you. I never do hop steps personally. Maybe it's more jab steps? Spin moves? Other?

Also, sometimes you have to change your game based on the competition. Against relatively equal competition I'm Steve Nash or Allen Iverson, depending on my aggressiveness level. Against better competition I'm 2012 Jason Kidd. hahaha. Even better competition I'm just trying to not be a total screw up.

I'm sure Rake or someone else will give you a better response, but hopefully you took something out of this..
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