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Default Re: Lakers with another quality win w/o Kobe

Originally Posted by TonyMontana
Yet another great team taken down by the Kobeless Lakers.

I'll call it now. Without Kobe this team is good enough to win a series in the playoffs. Dude was holding the team back all year with his shit defense and cancerous style of play.

If Kobe was playing I would take SA in 5 games. Without him I'll take LA. LA can actually play some defense without that one-dimensional player playing 45 minutes a game.

Kobe brings nothing to a team unless hes dominating the ball and he was never good enough this year to warrant having the ball. Dude brings no intangibles to a team, no spacing, no defense, no hustle, nothing except for high usage rates and high volume shooting. Replace Kobe with a guy like Steph Curry and LA is one of the top 2 seeds in the conference easily.

This is easily supported by LAs record without Kobe where they have proven to be successful.

That is the honest truth.
Kobe = overrated ball hog
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