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Default Re: Lakers with another quality win w/o Kobe

Originally Posted by TonyMontana
Yep. Kobe could be an asset if he restructured his game to that of someone who accepts being a third option while picking his looks wisely to get an efficient 18 PPG or so. He has to focus on defense too. None of this going through the motions lethargic bullshit that hes done all year.

Kobe has had a problem with deferring his entire career though, so don't expect it to happen. It's even cost his team a few rings in the Finals.
I don't know if he has to be third option, that's a bit of an exaggeration. But he definitely didn't help the Lakers out this year by alienating with his style of play.

He visibly showed no effort on defense, in order to save energy to put up at times hollow offensive numbers to get the glory. But anyone who watched the games knew he wasn't putting forth the right amount of energy on defense in order to be a good leader of his ball club.

I think Kobe's play sucked the motivation out of his teammates, specifically Dwight and Gasol. It's been 3 years running now that Gasol has seemingly been fed up with "Kobe Ball" ... thus the Lakers pre-mature demise in 2011.

If Kobe actually cared about winning, he would've put more energy on defense all season, shot a little less, distributed and picked his spots better. I say averaging around 24 ppg with MUCH better defense would've helped the Lakers a lot.

With that said, he played fantastic down the stretch. No longer were the offensive numbers hollow, and he was playing hard on defense.
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