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Default Re: Lakers with another quality win w/o Kobe

Originally Posted by G-train
Even if he is a troll the guy makes somewhat of a point.
Would the Lakers play better if Kobe average 15 fga and focused on better defensive play, while incorporating the bigs into offence more.
There is a case for that, and I expect to see it next season.

Yep. Kobe could be an asset if he restructured his game to that of someone who accepts being a third option while picking his looks wisely to get an efficient 18 PPG or so. He has to focus on defense too. None of this going through the motions lethargic bullshit that hes done all year.

Kobe has had a problem with deferring his entire career though, so don't expect it to happen. It's even cost his team a few rings in the Finals.
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