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Default Re: Race to the MVP 2012-13

Originally Posted by NumberSix
So, lemme get this straight...

The argument for why Derrick Rose deserved 2011 MVP = team success.

The argument for why LeBron doesn't deserve 2013 MVP = team success.

The weak argument people made for Tony Parker to win MVP = hes the best player on the best team.

The weak argument people make for LeBron to not win MVP = he's the best player, but he's on the best team.

Just let this one go LeBron/Heat haters. LeBron is the best player in the league, the best player on the best team, the most statistical impact of any player in the league, etc. He's got all bases covered. There's literally no argument to make.

Who says that? Rose won in 2011 because he had a ton of epic 4th quarters that ultimately won us close games. We came back from several double-digit deficits that way. Lebron had only one game like that this year, which was against the Kings I believe, and Wade played just as well in that game.
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