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Originally Posted by Theoo
hello guys a lessons late again

#3 a lesson , maker a jumpballtip

"a jumpballtip none most important play to basketballs"

many pepoles ask to my , why fk** do aj umpballtips matter thats is a fk** bullcraps , but these is a bullcraps that the do say these a jumpballtip givesa team balls , it give to them a confedense , it give to them a momantume , it give to them a victory to a start , it give to them all thats is the basketballs that your need.

many think is all YOUR TALL To jumpballtip , but your got use your leg , got make a bend knees , got make a good forms , and never forget is PRACTISE!!! your got practise a jumpballtips 50+ time a dy , these nba player is do these , one best all time chamerlane say these "i maker a jumpballtips , why i maker a jumpballtips, i maker a jumpballtips 100 time a day, these give my confedense make a 100 points" your have practise, and never a bad forms.

BAD JUMPBALLTIPS (bigge facepalm play all time)

good jumpballtips

look to these one, one best forms i see, one best jumps, dont not fk** matter ot hese tall , tyshawn taylor dont not know a fk** ting happen becuse he do a so fast jumpballtips , do practise.

nice these is next lesson 5 points play

man your crasy but these a brains posts. your maybe right yao is overate to jumpblaltip . many think is TALL JUMPBALLTIP WELL WIN!! but these a not right , is form and many else like practise. but camby to 2 place!!! men... i think these overate

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