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Lightbulb Re: Theoo basketballs school

hello guys a lessons late again

#3 a lesson , maker a jumpballtip

"a jumpballtip none most important play to basketballs"

many pepoles ask to my , why fk** do aj umpballtips matter thats is a fk** bullcraps , but these is a bullcraps that the do say these a jumpballtip givesa team balls , it give to them a confedense , it give to them a momantume , it give to them a victory to a start , it give to them all thats is the basketballs that your need.

many think is all YOUR TALL To jumpballtip , but your got use your leg , got make a bend knees , got make a good forms , and never forget is PRACTISE!!! your got practise a jumpballtips 50+ time a dy , these nba player is do these , one best all time chamerlane say these "i maker a jumpballtips , why i maker a jumpballtips, i maker a jumpballtips 100 time a day, these give my confedense make a 100 points" your have practise, and never a bad forms.

BAD JUMPBALLTIPS (bigge facepalm play all time)

good jumpballtips

look to these one, one best forms i see, one best jumps, dont not fk** matter ot hese tall , tyshawn taylor dont not know a fk** ting happen becuse he do a so fast jumpballtips , do practise.

Originally Posted by Jasi
Man, how about the 5 point play?
I was hoping to learn how to make those from you.
nice these is next lesson 5 points play

Originally Posted by Shade8780
I would have to disagree. Camby is severly underrated on this board for jumpballtip, while Yao is overrated.

1. Chamberlain
2. Camby

3. Kareem
4. Shaq
5. Yao

If Camby wins another championship, he'll probably end up being GOAT jumpballtip imo.
man your crasy but these a brains posts. your maybe right yao is overate to jumpblaltip . many think is TALL JUMPBALLTIP WELL WIN!! but these a not right , is form and many else like practise. but camby to 2 place!!! men... i think these overate
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