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Trades anyone?
Looking at all the NBA teams and at least 1 player from each team that may be gone.

Hello everyone, I hope you're settling nicely into 2013. We're going to take a look at some players who might not settle into the jersey they wore through the 2012 part of the 2012-13 NBA season for much longer. With no trades made yet this season, and the deadline just over a month away, something is surely up.

Philadelphia 76ers: The 76ers are below most peoples expectations right now, with a 16-19 record. One of the main issues they are facing is the fact that their PG rotation consists of 4 pure points who can't really play the 2 very well, and then their SG spot only has 2 players. Two talented players in Nick Young and Jason Richardson, however when one of them (J-Rich) is injured, the 76ers backcourt situation looks bleak. The 76ers should look to remedy this using Lavoy Allen as a part of their trade package. He's seen reduced minutes this year behind guys like Bynum, Hawes, and Thad. Young, however at the young age of 23 this guy has a lot of potential to give solid minutes to a team. I'm sure there's plenty of teams that would snatch up a young big in exchange for a combo guard.

Charlotte Bobcats: The Bobcats starting 5 isn't all that bad. Beyond that, things get bleak. They especially lack a post option (unless you think Byron Mullens should be your go-to guy down low) and have two bigs in Haywood and Diop who are contributing next to nothing. When he comes off his injury, the Bobcats should try to package off Ben Gordon with some of their low-contributing bigs. Gordon has been overshadowed by Gerald Henderson all season and Jeff Taylor looks to be a suitable enough backup (in Bobcats terms). A team vying for a title this year could look to the services of a healthy Ben Gordon to provide a shooting spark off the bench.

Milwaukee Bucks: The Bucks are gelling and above .500. They look to be a playoff team in the East this season and have quite a few young pieces. This team might need to look for a third string Small Forward, especially with Mbah A Moute out (torn meniscus, expected to be gone for at least 2 more weeks). They have somewhat of a logjam at power forward with five guys, many who are not earning significant enough minutes. Ekpe Udoh proved he's at least a valuable roleplayer last season. He deserves more than the 9 minutes he's getting now in Milwaukee. A team willing to lose a small forward might enjoy his shot blocking and rebounding services.

Chicago Bulls: The Bulls are arguably the best defensive squad in the NBA. They lack height, so why not trade their shortest player? Nate Robinson has proved valuable in limited minutes and when he has been given a minute increase (whether its been Rose or Hinrich out) he's proven his worth with many double digit scoring and 5+ assist games. Teams know what they're getting with Nate, and one that needs guard depth and could do for losing a big might like the scrappy guard.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Despite adding solid rookie contributor Dion Waiters (15ppg on 41% shooting) the Cavs are still unable to put together wins. Although another high lottery pick couldn't do them any harm. They still lack a consistent contributor at the small forward spot, and might want to try to see what teams can offer them for Alonzo Gee or C.J. Miles.

Boston Celtics: The Celtics backcourt is a toughie, and it only becomes more of a toughie when Courtney Lee returns from his broken arm any day now. Although they just recently acquired him, Jordan Crawford may be the odd man out. The Celtics could do for another solid big man if they plan on making the playoffs (seriously, how is this team NOT in the playoffs?) and Crawford's high usage low percentage style may not fit in Boston for much longer that it already has.

Los Angeles Clippers - With Caron Butler out of the picture (Torn MCL), the Clippers may want to add another small forward to the mix, despite the fact they already have Barnes and Hill. If they do go for another SF, chances are it'll be in a pick+Trey Thompkins type of deal.

Memphis Grizzlies - Ed Davis and Darrel Arthur seem to be somewhat redundant, if you ask me. Neither are true Centers and with Dexter Pittman out the Grizz have no real backup for Marc Gasol. Memphis may benefit from making a big man swap involving one of those two.

Atlanta Hawks - The Hawks have already had Anthony Tolliver on the block for quite some time, and I've heard trade rumors from plenty of teams. The latest news in this front is something surrounding a deal with the Bulls. We'll see if anything comes of fruition, but I think the Hawks would be wise to lighten up the PF position and strengthen their small forward and center spots.

Miami Heat - The champs could seriously use some shot blockers and rebounders (both sides of the court). James Jones and Mike Miller have both been rumored to be dished off. If you ask me, I'd want to package off Joel Anthony, James Jones, and some picks. Mike Miller has a lot of value on this team, although his low spot on the depth chart could play into his departure.

New Orleans Hornets - Xavier Henry, Austin Rivers, Roger Mason. At least one of these three Eric Gordon back ups should try to be shipped off by the Hornets. They could use a guy who could play the 3 and 4 spot. With Anthony Davis seeing lots of minutes at center , Jason Smith hasn't been the answer for the backup power forward behind Ryan Anderson. Despite Aminu's growth, the 3 is still somewhat of a weak spot for this team.

Utah Jazz - With Al Jefferson signing a lengthy and pricey contract extension earlier this season, it seems likely Millsap won't be around. Most teams in the league could use what Paul Millsap brings, and more minutes for Derrick Favors to develop could benefit the Jazz in the long run. Millsap could bring in some picks, as well as a young point guard.

Sacramento Kings - The Kings are really struggling this season. I don't see Marcus Thronton sticking around as Tyreke Evan's backup, so getting as much value out of him as possible could be a good plan. Picks and small forward are keys for this team.

New York Knicks - Unless Kurt Thomas, Rasheed Wallace, Kenyon Martin, and Marcus Camby all return to their former glory (or merge together to bring back their old power) sometime soon, the Knicks need scoring bigs with Stoudemire out long-term. They could do with losing one (or two) of Felton, Prigioni, Smith, Kidd, Shumpert, and White, along with some bigs+picks packaged.

Los Angeles Lakers - The Lakers aren't where they'd hoped to be (#1 in the west) at this point. They could use a truly solid backup for Nash (guys like Blake and Duhon don't cut it for a guy that needs significant rest at age 38). Devin Ebanks is young and expiring with potential. A combo of him and one or two point guards could bring in something nice for the short-term situation of the Lakers.

Orlando Magic - Although it seems like he just arrtived, the Magic might want to dish out Arron Afflalo. He's not really part of a long-term plan in my eyes and developing SG talent like Doron Lamb and E'Twaun Moore could do them good for the remainder of this loss-filled season.

Dallas Mavericks - Elton Brand has not been too strong for this team so far this season. With Shawn Marion out for the season and Brandan Wright sucking up a lot of minutes at center, this team could use another power forward. Anthony Morrow has been the center of rumors involving Orlando and Toronto. We'll see what transpires there.

Brooklyn Nets - Marshon Brooks deserves more than the 12 minutes a game he's gotten his past 4 games, as well as his overall low minutes this season. Gerald Wallace is injured and not in his best form this season, and seeing as none of Johnson, Bogans, or Stackhouse is a true SF, the Nets should deal Brooks to a team that can bring them an SF and give him significant minutes.

Denver Nuggets - JaVale McGee is seeing 11.8mpg behind Kosta Koufos, despite the fact he got a nice pay-day this offseason. Don't be surprised to see a team take a stab at McGee before the deadline. The Nuggets could use improved perimeter shooting, mostly in the backcourt.

Indiana Pacers - Lance Stephenson's improvement could be better utilized by a team that can give him minutes. The Pacers could use another backup at small forward and/or center.

Detroit Pistons - The Pistons are struggling this year. With their frontcourt seemingly set and figured out (starters, at least) with Monroe/Drummond, the Pistons may want to move Rodney Stuckey whose been struggling of late, but shown good games earlier this season. They could really use a solid small forward and frontcourt depth

Toronto Raptors - Toronto has been bit with the injury bug. As of typing Bargnani is out for the season, Rudy Gay and Amir Johnson are both out for the next couple weeks, and Valanciunas is being effected by a dislocated finger. They have too many small forwards and to me it's very likely either Alan Anderson or Linas Kleiza will be gone by the deadline.

Houston Rockets - Houston will need more than Motiejunas and Smith being their primary center backups, we've learned as Omer Asik has been injured with a broken finger. They may need to sacrifice some picks if they want to begin making true playoff pushes.

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