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Default Re: Do people really believe KD is only a good scorer because of his free throws?

Originally Posted by DatAsh
It also takes him up another fga per game. The ratio remains the same, which is a more indicative stat than just raw fta.

Why are you so open to the idea of equalizing minutes, and yet so opposed to the idea of equalizing shot attempts? Equalizing shot attempts is a lot more meaningful.

For me personally, this is the biggest factor I see in guys like Lebron and Anthony not really getting the calls they should. Lebron, and to a lesser extent, Anthony, are very good at powering through contact at the rim and still putting up a decent shot.

Durant is averaging 28.3 on 64.4%. At Anthony's foul rate he'd be at 25.4 on 61.9%. If you account for the extra (approximate)1.43 possessions, you're looking at 26.2 on 59.7%.

*On an unrelated note, why are we still using approximated TS% when we seemingly have the play by play data to get a more accurate figure?

Of course not. He's one of the best scorers I've ever seen.

Simple. Minutes should be equal...what you do with the time on the court is up in the air. FGA do not equal fta. The two leaders in free throw attempts this year take much less fga than Melo. It is a factor, but it doesn't mean enough.

Minutes played should be even. That is just common sense.

My god people. Melo takes 4 more shots per game from 16 feet and beyond. Stop acting like those matter at all. Those are just more bad shots that Durant has chosen not to take. Instead, Durant tries to get fouled on possessions in which Melo is setting for a long jumper. That is why Durant's free throws are higher and his fga are lower. Tries to get fouled more, better at getting fouled, settles for less bad shots.

1.5 more free throws per game on even time on the court is just not nearly enough to warrant the bitching. And that is before we even talk about techs and the extra 1.5 free throws the thunder take per qtr...
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