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Default Re: Remember when Nash injury wasn't serious?

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
He could still be significant on a team where he got to play his brand of basketball which isn't as a spot up shooter.

I disagree.

His brand of basketball, when tailored to make allowances for his age, increasingly limited athleticism and increasingly poor defense, is losing basketball. Just what we saw with PHX the last couple years.

People put too much stock in his stats the past couple seasons. If you watched him on a daily basis, it was apparent that he's shot. That franchise structured everything they did... personnel moves, strategy, everything... in an effort to keep him on the floor, generating stats and getting meat in the seats.

While he still might be capable of putting up stats, it will never happen on a team with any chance at winning anything.

And please don't take this as an indictment of his career or hatred of the guy. It's just that Father Time remains undefeated.
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