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Default Re: When its all said and done, Rondo will go down as the greatest pure PG in NBA history

first Rondo is not near the all time great PGs

My description of the PG position is finding the best shot within an offense, whether that is for him or his teammates. Other things like pacing the game are obviously important as well. Where Rondo fits in that regard is among the elite over the last few years, would still like to see him play with more aggression at times.

As for the criticism of "Rondo ball" as of late, have people not notices, that the problem with the Celtics offense go beyond Rondo. Especially when you are looking at offensive statistics like Ortg, The Celtics don't grab offensive rebounds, don't score in the paint, don't get to the line, and don't hit enough 3's. So, how is that any of Rondo's fault??? that just describer how the Celtics are built. The Celtics are a team that is built around taking long 2's and in the context of TS% they have always had a top 10 rating in that regard.

If some of you guys watched Celtics games you would see that effort level was the biggest problem with the team and they only play with urgency for stretches at a time. People hold it against Rondo that they were on a 6 game losing streak just prior to him getting hurt and a 5 game winning streak after but choose to ignore that they won 5-6 games before that 6 game losing streak
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