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Default Re: Dwyane Wade's blocking ability is unreal

wade is a great weak side blocker, but for those that say thats all he is, thats complete bull*hit. wade blocks more shots on his man than any other player ive ever seen. that goes for jumpshots, layups, chasedowns, etc. and someone recently posted a stat that confirms my perception is reality. the stat showed that, since he's been in the league, he's had more blocks on his man any other player at any position.

even if you compare the highlights of the video the OP posted to the one of MJ, you'd see that all of jordan's blocks were weak side, whereas a good portion wade's blocks were straight up blocking his players' jumpshots.

he also has the "meet at the rim blocks". he's not sneaking up on anyone. he's there waiting. the opponent knows it. he sees him and goes for it. wade takes the challenge and says "meet you at the top". thats rarely something you see a guard do, if ever at all. thats something only a big does. doesnt matter how big the player is to wade. guard, forward, center, he's been challenged by all and he's had success against all.

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