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Default Re: When its all said and done, Rondo will go down as the greatest pure PG in NBA history


Kblaze8855, you dont account for mentality, playstyle, situation, roster, etc. Read my posts again and maybe you'll see what this topic and my posts are about.

Now you want to go black-or-white, either this or that, but in no shape or form different players can have different mixture of playstyles, isnt?

This topic is about pure point guards and the potential for Rondo to be the greatest of them. The word "pure" being a qualifier used for the express purpose of removing better point guards. My issue doesnt seem like anyone can explain why Rondo is a "pure" point guard and players who are more talented scorers arent....when they all attempt to do the exact same thing. Look to get the best shot. "Pure" used in this way is nothing but a way to get inconveniently great players out of the discussion because Rondo lacks the talent to do what they did. Pure might as well be worded "Limited". And even if we act like being a "pure" point isnt looking to get the best shot for your offense(an absurd notion to be clear)....Rondo sure as hell isnt John Stockton or Steve Nash anyway. And thats if we break the people up....which there is no reason to do.

If you take "pure" to mean pass still leaves virtually every great point in the discussion. Magic Johnson in his prime was having years taking 11-12 of his teams 88-92 shots. Meaning Magic was by percentage...taking less shots than Rondo. Hell Rondo shot more per game this season than Magic did in 4 seasons of his prime.....on a team that score 110-118ppg. With that many more chances...he shot LESS....than Rondo does now.....and did so in his prime. As an MVP level player. Not by percentage. On the bottom line. Rondo shot more this year on a team that scored 96 a game than Magic in his prime on a team that score 118. Magic might well have been taking 4-5 shots a game that were not transition layups. Magic went entire seasons without taking 20 shots in a game. He had multiple seasons where he had more 20 assist games than 20 shot attempt games. He might go beat you up in the post and get to the line...or get bumped on a drive in transition...but Magic was as pass first as it gets.

But somehow people get it in their heads to remove him from pure PG discussions....

And the reason to do his greatness making the argument not worth having. Same for Oscar. And lately Isiah. The word "pure" is thrown out as an excuse to disregard people who are better...not less prone to pass. Flat out better at getting their offense the best shot. And if running your offense better than someone more limited makes you a less "pure" point guard the word has no meaning. No positive one at least.


Every player is unique and if you want to discuss specifically Isiah (neither topic nor my post centered about him, just few mentions), we can do that.

No. I dont think you can. Which is why what little you said of him made no sense. Same for stockton and Magic. Its always the tiny details that make it obvious when someone is talking out of their ass. Isiah thinking score first and Magic being more ball dominant than stockton when he spent looooooong periods of time not even handling the ball while Stockton dribbled as much as anyone...those are the kinds of things said by someone who just reached into the depths of their ass to find an opinion based off assumption to make a point they dont know enough about basketball to support.


Again - there are many aspects per position or regardless of position, and if you dont want to discuss them (or even admit they exists), then what are you doing here?

I am talking about basketball. It would appear im doing it with someone who did not watch the people hes talking to me about.

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