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Default Re: When its all said and done, Rondo will go down as the greatest pure PG in NBA history

Thats like saying "defender" is all-there-is, as if the best perimeter defender or rim protector or shotblocker cant be discussed separately. There are even vertical and horizontal defenses. So many aspects per position or regardless of position. If you dont like to discuss about it, its fine - but to insult and demean others who do, isnt very mature or broad-minded. not as aspect of point guard play. Its a word that has come to mean virtually nothing. It wasnt said "Rondo will go down as the best assist generating player".


So why do you admit such specific area as scoring but not passing? Any position has many aspects, and fans like to discuss them. Even scoring itself can be divided to the most clutch/efficient/post/mid-long range, etc etc.

And topic isnt about best point guard, you digress, its about the best pass-first PGs. You are free to create a thread about the best PG, this one isnt it.

Its about best....pure...PG. And as I said earlier...even if it were not....if Magic Johnson isnt a pass first player there never was one.

Scoring and pass first mentality/players do exists, regardless if you like/acknowledge it or not. Its weird as an old fan you dont know about it. You are also unaware some players prefer to play defense and some offense, and its not always purely due to their abilities (or lack off)?

A point guards job is the get the best shot for his team. It is that simple. If you dont use your abilities to do are not a good point guard.

Because of pretty much is always an issue of ability. Eric Snow isnt Eric Snow because he doesnt wish to be Chris Paul. And Rondo isnt a 10ppg player because he doesnt feel like being Magic Johnson. You are...what you are.


There are many variables you have to account, for some reason it seems you assume everyone have the same mentality and inclinations, same duties and situation on the team, and if someone differs - its purely ability based.

Let me point out some variables for you:

1) Mentality and preferences. Yes - everyone is different. Some like to pass, some to score, some all in between and likes women (or guys) after.

2) Different assignments. Lets say Jordan - he was a great PG when asked to, was this his style? No, he just did a good job regardless.

3) Different roster situation. If Magic would have played with prime Kareem and the likes, he most likely would be known as a pass-first PG now as well. Its a bit unfair to assume by default Stockton couldnt be as 1st scoring option. He never was put into such position, playing with monster like Malone.

Regardless what player prefers or not, most such level stars can adjust to situation. To dismiss Stockton's higher-volume scoring possibility (when he was actually good at it) is unfair, just falls to what-if category.

All of which has nothing to do with your claim that Isiah was score first....and your conclusion has nothing to do with anything I said. I dont believe ive said a negative word about John Stockton....ever.


I started watching NBA because of Magic vs Bird rivalry, and was always rooting against Jazz (especially hated Malone's elbows). It doesnt preclude me from giving due respect, and Stockton was the best floor-general and passer than anyone else in NBA's history, including Magic (default GOAT PG to me, but not in specific areas). Thats expected, any position's GOAT wasnt the best at everything, there is always someone better in some area.

John was a better floor general than Magic IMO, and did it much more efficiently (FACT). Even time-outs at the end when its default coach time, Stockton often ran the plays instead and did the right decisions. You can agree or disagree with an eye-test, but you know I can back my opinion up with advanced stats. Magic never reached such highs (in this specific area), nor anyone else in NBA history. I remember calling Stockton a cyborg - cold-blooded with high-volume laser precision passes, he didnt looked human Never liked him (nor Isiah), but always respected his play

I dont care if you think Stockton is better than Magic at anything. I care that idiots act like being a pure point guard is....not scoring when scoring is the right play for your offense.

And I hate when its supported in ways that makes it seem they have no idea how the people they talk about played.

Really...the idea that Magic was more ball dominant than Stockton just blows me away.

John Stockton pretty much dribbled from 1984-2003 only stopping for gatorade and dropping it off for a layup. Which...again...was the right thing to do.

It just makes me wonder what John Stockton you watched.

Not that Magic didnt have the ball..its just that...Josh Stockton pretty much had the ball most of every posession for 20 years.
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