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Default Re: When its all said and done, Rondo will go down as the greatest pure PG in NBA history

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
If pure PGmeans people who think pass first Magic Johnson is a pure PG. And half the time the term is used in an all time way...its for the express purpose of removing Magic from the discussion because hes so far and away the best.

"Pure pg" is a term most often pulled out of the ass of someone on the internet who has little to base the label on.

And I dont mean you for the record. The term in general has come to mean....nothing really. Magic was the most pass happy player you could want. He cared not one bit who scored...but...he had so much talent he was clearly the best option to score many times.

So as punishment for his talent....hes not a pure PG to many. Despite being every bit as pass prone as anyone...ever.

When we speak about specific area (i.e. pass-first PG, or lets say scoring), we focus on topic at hand, not how good/bad players are at other areas. It seems you have a problem with a focus, and just want to discuss players as a whole. If lets say topic is "what a great scorer Durant is", you - "but his defense/rebounding/passing blah blah", and that would be off-topic.

Pass or score-first isnt just ability based (although it sometimes is), but also mentality based. Stockton was an excellent shooter and slasher, yet he was looking to pass-first, not to score-first (a la Rose, Isiah, etc). Thats mentality. Some people are just wired this way.

I also dont agree with "removing Magic from the discussion because hes so far and away the best." - looking from passing and floor-general perspective, Stockton in this area is better. Higher volume passing with less turnovers, less ball-domination, less fancy, but razor-sharp and to the point. I would take efficiency over style everyday.

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