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Default Re: the last time the knicks won Atlantic Division

Originally Posted by Knicksfever2010
Because NOW the losing is overrrr! The only way to celebrate and enjoy this success is to look back at how bad we used to be. Like when a fat chick becomes skinny and hot, she keeps her fat pics to remind her not to get that bad again.

Yeaaaa still wouldnt have made this thread. Our futility is common knowledge, putting a number outthere that even the biggest knick haters wouldnt guess is definitely not the thing to do.

Anyway though who was winning the atlantic back in the 90's? I know The Bulls were generally winning the East but theyre a central division team, Heat were up there too but theyre in the south east division, Celtics sucked for most of the 90's, as did the Nets. So who was winning the Atlantic
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