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Default Re: Do people really believe KD is only a good scorer because of his free throws?

Originally Posted by Element
The thing is just that yeah, while every star gets BS calls (though not really Melo) or no calls (Lebron on defense hmm), KD gets more of them than ANYONE else we've seen recently, and at a much higher rate, too. A BS call is not quantifiable with numbers. Only when you watch him do his don't-get-hit-stare-at-ref routine you can see it. He gets whistles even young LeBron or 11 Wade wouldn't have gotten. 06 Finals Wade would be very proud of KD today, while everyone else would just shake their's awful to watch. Again, the key word is WATCHING. Watch him play, you'll see it, no need for any data

But that is just your opinion...and quite frankly just confirmation bias.

Now, if you are taking the stance that Durant is not good at drawing fouls and just receives an inordinate amount of BS calls...then at least you would have something to stand on.

But if you, like the others, concede that he's better at drawing fouls to begin with. Then a comparison with him and Melo (the guy you say gets no star treatment) looks rather similar. There is a 1.8 difference per game. .3 is removed when you have them play the same minutes. It is hard to quantify, but Durant most likely shoots more techs. The Thunder spend more time in the bonus and shoot 1.5 more free throws per qtr. So that 1.8 difference quickly becomes under 1 without even talking about what they do as players...that is just on circumstances alone.

So again. Either the league unfairly gives Durant many more calls than other stars...or he's actually doing something that leads to those calls. I tend to think he's doing something considering it makes no sense to prop up a player or team like the Thunder over the Lakers or Knicks and their stars.

And certainly doesn't make sense to prop up Harden...which you would have to argue as well if you think Durant gets BS star treatment. And you'd have to include Martin when he was taking an insane amount of free throws based on the metrics presented in this thread.

Seems like everyones issue is with the league and not Durant. How can you blame Durant if what he's doing is working?
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