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Default Re: Will this Lakers team go down as the most underachieving team of all time?

Originally Posted by ripthekik
If gary payton decides to sign with this lakers team right now, you'll even say 5 hall of famers? That's how stupid you'll go? What do the school teach kids these days?

You asked would it be to most underachieving, I said no, and gave you another team. Why are YOU so defensive?

It's one thing to "say no" respectfully disagree and give reasoning. It's another thing to over-aggressively attack me and what I said as you did. You didn't simply say no. Unfortunately calling people stupid doesn't win you an argument.
The point was this team has four players who are at that elite level. That's one of the whole reasons the 2004 Lakers are regarded as so disappointing, and they made the finals. The Heat at least made the finals as well. You're acting like I'm anti-Laker, which I am not. I am simply posing a question and a modest view. There was absolutely no need to be as aggressive as you were/are. You just appear incredibly insecure.

And nice grammar.
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