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Default Re: Do people really believe KD is only a good scorer because of his free throws?

Originally Posted by Element
Okay DMAVS we can all see the light now. Durant's got that "actual skill" to get fouled without contact. I wonder how many hours he spends at the gym, trying to miss a jumper with a guy within 2 feet of him, while flailing his arms and falling to the ground. And then proceeding to stare at the wall until someone plays his favorite noise, a sharp and forceful whistle.

I'm not saying he doesn't get BS calls, but every star does...including both Kobe and Melo.

The difference in going to the line less than 1 more time per game is not enough to warrant the outrage expressed in this thread. Especially when half of you have conceded that Durant is better at drawing fouls.

We've determined that fga is certainly a factor, but not the only one. We've determined that shots at the rim are a factor, but hardly a big one. We've determined that Kobe and Melo settle for more bad shots in which drawing a foul is less likely.

In terms of Durant vs Melo...Durant's team shoots 1.5 more free throws per qtr and that leads to more time in the bonus...which could dramatically impact Durant's free throw attempts just off being on that team. You could easily see Durant and Melo switch places see Durant shoot 1 less free throw per game and Melo shoot one more free throw per game.

My point from the very beginning was simple. Durant is very good at drawing fouls...certainly better than Melo and Kobe. And that a difference of less than 1 trip to the line per game is not a big enough difference to warrant the bitching about his free throws.

On the average game, he doesn't even go to the free throw line a full 1 time more than Kobe or Melo.

Even if my side were to concede still means nothing. Take away 2 ppg from Durant and he's still as good as he is now.

So the notion that he is what he is off of free throws is non sense to begin with. Let alone the fact that his more fta is easily explained using logic....rather than proposing a league wide conspiracy in favor of Harden and Durant and against Melo and Kobe (two stars that play for the two biggest teams in the league)....
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