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Default Re: 2003 Magic vs 2009 Heat

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Just Check his defensive rating during that season.
Defensive Rating makes little sense. For teams, eras, or players. Too many variables. Defense can't be appropriately measured in stats. It's a context, eye test driven side of the ball.

Which is why people struggle quantifying it.

Wade got 2nd all defensive team due to fantastic help defense, gambles on steals, and help side blocks. Highlight blocks at that, which much like LeBron circa 2009 and 2010 are amazing, aren't indicators of being an actual great defender.

Great man defense, not gambling for steals can only be seen. There is no true stat that measures it.

Wade would at times coast on man defense, the same way Kobe coasts on help defense.

Why is Wade rewarded, but Kobe denounced for such lack of effort? Much like LeBron, I didn't consider him an elite defender until 2011 when I actually saw him playing fantastic, fundamental, and sound on ball defense.
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