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Default Re: ESPN top 30 rankings

@Money I know you don't watch or follow OKC.

Ibaka is nothing special offensively or defensively, outside weak side blocks. He jumps on every pumpfake, doesn't box out, suck at man to man D anc gets owned by any big. Thabo is a defensive role player with nothing else, poor man's Jimmy Butler. Martin is a horrible defender and inconsistent scorer that has been disappearing every other game. Collison is the only real good player. But OKC has Fisher/Perkins out there getting 15+ minutes.

When you compare their "help" to Miami, Clippers, healthy Denver/Knicks, Grizzlies they are pretty average.

And btw Brooks is the one asking Westbrook to be more aggressive and score, if you think what Westbrook does is against the coache's wishes than you are just delusional.
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