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Default Re: GOATbrooks last 4 games


History is just that, history. People change.

And Westbrook has been great since All-Star break, not just for a small stretch. If as you say the negatives outweigh the positives OKC wouldn't be fighting for 1st seed with Westbrook and Durant leading the way.

Watch more OKC games, not just a minute of a game 2 months ago. What did you think of his performance vs Knicks?

You judge him unlike any other player, as if Kobe, Wade and even Lebron don't take some retarded shots once or twice every game. If you apply your logic to all the stars, then they all have ugly games.

Just seems like your opinion isn't in the present or factual data, guy puts up great numbers, never misses a game and helps the team win. Your analysis is in no way based in reality, but past biases, hyperbole and absurd hypotheticals. I can apply EVERYTHING you said to current Kobe.
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