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Default Re: cavs, disband your franchise. i hate you cavs.

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Yea but eventually you have to start winning some games, especially like tonight when you have a 20+ lead in the 4th. It's hurts morale for the team when you lose like that. You end up getting labeled perennial losers when you can never close out games.

The team has talent. They should be able to start gelling and building momentum for the coming years. Plus the east is weak. There is no reason they should not be in the playoffs within 2 years. Next year should be high 30 wins at a minimum.
I look at things completely differently, at least about tonight's game and this season in general. This year was simply a learning experience for a ton of young guys. You are looking at it like this is year two or three for the young guys and it's time to improve. Actually, the team was far younger this year than it was last year and it was way younger in 2012 than it was in 2011. The starting lineup had an average age of under 22 for most of the season. Four of the team's best five players were 22 or under.

Those kinds of teams simply don't win a lot of games. While guys like Jamison and Anthony Parker were well past their primes, they added something last year that this year's team didn't have.

There were basically no veterans on the entire roster. This was as young as the team will ever be. And, tonight's game tells me nothing. Waiters is still out and Ellington played 35 minutes. That doesn't tell you much about the future of the franchise.

I still really like where things are heading. When this team is ready to start competing for the playoffs (I'm guessing next year will be the first real push), the roster will reflect it. There will be a mix of talented young players and savvy veterans.

You need both... Right now, the team has the young talent, but because there has been an effort to accumulate cap space and draft picks, what surrounds that young talent is nothing approaching a playoff caliber roster. That can change very quickly. I feel like the hard part of the rebuild is just about over.

We have one of the league's best young players and a couple other really talented young guys, with Waiters and Thompson. Now, time to compliment them and even attempt to make a really big move with all of those assets I spoke about earlier.

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