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Default Re: cavs, disband your franchise. i hate you cavs.

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Cavs need to eventually stop tanking, and start trying to actually win some games. They can't finish every year on a bad note, and expect to eventually turn it around.
The turn around will really begin when the front office deems it time to start spending the massive amount of money they have been holding onto. And, getting in good draft position isn't just about bringing in young guys. High draft picks can be important pieces to making big moves which could make the team better now.

When you have an abundance of cap space and high draft picks, you can make things happen. I would be surprised if the Cavs brought in two more young guys with top 15 picks again this offseason (assuming the Lakers sneak into the playoffs and the Cavs get their pick).

It isn't tanking... They are just very young and the roster is very thin. But, that is by design. The FO has been hoarding picks and money for years... Rightfully so, imo. You have to go through some pain now to be better off down the road.
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