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Default Re: Why are people writing off Derrick Rose because of this injury?

Originally Posted by (e)
You want a similar situation to Rose? Look at Blake Griffin.

Sat out his whole "rookie" year - came back and looked just as strong and athletic as before.

Rose will be fine as long as he takes care of his body - which is why I'm fine with him taking his time to come back at full strength. I'd rather them be cautious with the franchise player, plus there isn't a whole lot of incentive to bring him back to play meaningless regular season games with an injured team.

Dude use Google, Blake did not tear his ACL, he dislocated his kneecap. They are completely different injuries. A better comparison to D Rose injury is Baron Davis who tore his ACL in college I believe.

He was able to come back and still be explosive though it took 2 years to get it all back.
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