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Default Re: Why are people writing off Derrick Rose because of this injury?

I'm not writing him off in any way. Neither am i going to hope for anything.
The higher the expectations, the bigger the fall. An example would be the Lakers, i had high hopes, and we all saw what happen.
Rose coming back from torn ACL, we have no idea how it might affect his game, but if i were to guess, he's not going to be the same.

Rose's game rely much on speed, body control, athleticism. Isn't a great playmaker, just good. Doesn't have the best jumper, but i believe he will work on that. I just think it's going to be down to mental, how he changes his game should he not be able to use his body the same, how he is going to keep up against the talented pool of PGs in today's league.

Top 5 is not out of reach, just everything need to go his way. but i don't see Rose getting back into top 3 in his position

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