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Default 2003 Magic vs 2009 Heat

Who wins in a best of 7?

Jacque Vaughn(6/3) - Mario Chalmers(10/5/3)
Tracy McGrady(32/7/6) - Dwyane Wade(30/8/5)
Gordan Giricek(14/5) - Jamario Moon(7/5)
Drew Gooden(14/8) - Udonis Haslem(11/8)
Shawn Kemp(7/6) - Jermaine O'Neal(13/5)

Pat Garrity(11/4) - Michael Beasley(14/5)
Darrell Armstrong(9/4/4) - Daquan Cook(9/3)
Andrew DeClercq(5/4) - Chris Quinn(5/2)
Pat Burke(4/2) - Luther Head(4/2/2)
Jeryl Sasser(3/3) - Joel Anthony(2/3)
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