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Default Re: What would the Lakers record be if they traded Gasol for Smith/Williams?

Mr. Pickern:

I most humbly apologize if you take offense to my contributions. I am new to InsideHoops, and quite clearly don't understand the rules here, but I like to believe that I am bringing a unique perspective.

To give an example of the culture clash, today I was conversing with my friend Tafari. Actually, we were having an argument and, to be honest, I was giving him a sound thrashing. I verbally abused him so hard I may as well have been using fisticuffs. Just as he was about to burst into tears of frustration, I decided to borrow a tactic I'd seen used here and said to him "Why you be so salty, brother?" However, this appeared to only backfire as I was met with a blank stare. So much to learn yet.

Warmest regards,

Ayotunde Ndiaye
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