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Default Re: GOATbrooks last 4 games

Originally Posted by esiotrot
This guy is a genius just like Westbrook ... As if I was even tying to hide the fact I'm CLEARLY that guy. I changed my username for a reason. I took sabbatical because of all the morons who don't understand the game, and many of them seem to be young fans of Westbrook populating this thread.

Westbrook has a personality disorder, low IQ, and a very subjective but to me a very ugly aesthetic to his game.

Incredible athlete, can be a fierce competitor when fueled off emotons or his personality disorder ... but ultimatly is a mental midgit, can't think the game out, has terrible shot selection, not a great playmaker given his penetrating abilities and is an inconsistent defender.

But when he does decide to play defense, it's usually quite stellar. How does this guy even have fans though? He's unlikable, fake tough guy / renegade, gets into beef with teammates and POUTS DURING GAMES !! Has a straight up annoying gloat tactic when OKC is up, and then pouts like a girl and childishly tries to bump, shove and injure players when he's getting styled on.

He's obviously un-coachable. Incredible athlete, but he might be slightly retarded. The ninja turtles evil, retarded brother they didn't want you to know about. Oh, and he dresses like Urkel and a Teletubby's love child.

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