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Default Re: Giannis Antetokoumpo Greek 6'10" Point Guard (7'4" Wingspan) "Hottest Draft Prospect"

Originally Posted by Euroleague
The link says nothing about him being eligible to play for Nigeria.

It says Nigeria's federation would like him to play for them. Regardless, he has no Nigerian citizenship and he's not eligible to play for them.

His brother already said him and his brother can't and won't play for Nigeria. Besides that, the link isn't even correct. It says he does not have a passport, probably copying the nonsense from draftexpress.

He DOES have a Greek passport. It's just a mistake from Draftexpress that they are copying.

The undocumented part isn't true either (again copying a mistake from Draftexpress). You can't attend school in Greece if you don't have any documentation. This guy and his brother have been going to school in Greece their whole lives. So none of that crap is true. It's just Draftexpress trying to stir up some kind of controversy.

that makes sense. i was just going by what YOUR source said,
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