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Default Re: When its all said and done, Rondo will go down as the greatest pure PG in NBA history

Originally Posted by Harison
Pure PG simply means pass-first PG. Most of PGs are looking to score first, thats why its quite rare trait on elite level.

How well they run the offense is another question, Stockton did a great job, Nash/Kidd too, Rondo... not so much. Celtics offense literally improved with Rondo out, and with him its at the very bottom of NBA.

Rondo can play at superstar level (when he wants), but "Rondo ball" is a bad offense. Unlike other pass-first superstars, Rondo by himself doesnt know how to run the offense, so thats on Doc (and boneheadedness of Rondo).

Good answer.

Huge Rondo fan, but this is ridiculous. Why are we using these labels to try to fit players into boxes that they don't fit into? In what world would we consider Rondo and John Stockton similar types of PGs? Yeah, they're both pass first and they both pile up the assists, but literally everything else about them is different. Even the way they play D is different.

Stupid thread.
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