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Default Re: GOATbrooks last 4 games

Originally Posted by The Playmaker
-WB is a pretty inconsistent defender. he makes good defensive plays at times but often times he stinks and gets torched. it is no surprise that tony parker has had some of his biggest games when westbrook was on him. it wasn't until they put thabo on him when parker started slowing down.

WB hasn't been a good defender since his rookie season, truthfully.

-Rebounding shouldn't be a big deal since they're both guards, but it's not like westbrook is putting up j-kidd rebounding numbers and it's not like harden is putting up bargnani rebounding numbers. I don't see why it would be a big deal.

-harden is better because of his efficiency and his decision making. i'm not sure why you are shrugging that off like it's not a big advantage because it is. these two are both dynamic offensive players but harden's superior efficiency and decision making makes him the better player.

so what if harden doesn't have a mid-range game? it hasn't stopped him from producing.

people get confused because of wb's tremendous talent but he is not the better player.

Westbrook is clearly a better defender than Harden, and his rebounding is a plus. He's the best rebounder at his position and has to be considered among the best rebounding guards right now.

Mid-range game is definitely important to me, and just being more well rounded. Even though they put up similar numbers, Westbrook impresses me more. If Harden had the mid-range game I'd probably agree.
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