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Default Re: GOATbrooks last 4 games

Originally Posted by KG215
Arbitrary or not, 28-10-8 over a 4 game stretch is still pretty damn impressive. Obviously Carmelo has been better over his last 4 games, but still, Westbrook's numbers in his last 4 aren't anything to sneeze at.

Yeah, I wasn't saying anything about his level of play.

Originally Posted by The Playmaker
rwb has been better than durant since the all-star break.

however, i think it is clear that the thunder made the wrong move and that they should have kept harden over westbrook. i actually think harden will end up being better than durant too.

Considering Durant has average 28 per game for the year and Westbrook has averaged 23, it's surprising how close they are in scoring since the break. Durant has averaged 26.5 since the break in 38.2 mpg and Westbrook has averaged 25.2 since the break in just 34.4 mpg.

As far as Westbrook and Harden. As of now, I have to go with Westbrook because he's the better defender, a better rebounder and he's improved his mid-range game. He's pretty good there now, and has been making bank shots as well as shown the ability to be one of the best point guards in the post.

I like Harden better as a passer and decision maker, but his game is pretty much 3s and drives to the basket. I'd like to see a mid-range game from him. Plus, Harden actually turns the ball over more than Westbrook and Westbrook's aggressiveness does work for OKC, imo. He may make bad decisions at times, but his athleticism often makes up for it, and I think that more than anything, teams view him as a real threat because of it.

I don't see Harden becoming better than Durant, but it's too early to say since this is his first year with his own team.
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