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Default Re: When its all said and done, Rondo will go down as the greatest pure PG in NBA history

Who exactly is that comparing him to?

Magic, Oscar, Cousy, West, Frazier, Payton, Rose, Isiah, Timmy, KJ, Paul, Deron, Tiny, and on and on and on were all bigtime dont count as "pure"?

Is this just Rondo vs...Stockton, Kidd, and maybe Lenny Wilkens or something? Ignoring that Kidd was a 20ppg guy at his best(back to back finals runs) and Lenny was shooting 18 times a game.

Who else is even a "pure" point?

We using "pure" to throw a lot of well rounded players out of contention?


That it?

Rondo vs Stockton and Nash who are the only non bigtime scoring all time points?

If we even count Nash who was also an 18-19 a game scorer at his best....

Rondo is more "pure" because he overpasses in an underperforming(relative to talent) offense and isnt a very good scorer?

That what pureness is? Lack of scoring?
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