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Default Re: Dwyane Wade's blocking ability is unreal

Originally Posted by Akhenaten
What's most uncanny about Wade's shot blacking ability to me is how many of his blocks result in transition baskets for his team. He has to practice that, he almost always seems to keep the ball in bounds.

I have always maintained that stealing the basketball is more valuable than blocks, because a steal ALWAYS results in an extra possession for your team, while the majority of blocks shots are recovered by the offense.

Not so with Wade though

The other thing is he blocks so many jump shots and iso/post ups, incredible. I have no doubt in my min that Wade has blocked more jumpshots than ANY player (outside of maybe Kirilenko) in the past 10 seasons.

That's why to me his 09 season is the best by a perimetre player since early 90's Jordan. Managing to avg 2.2. stls and 1.3 blocks, while having to put 30 every night JUST TO HAVE A CHANCE was crazy.

A lot of folks say he was on that stuff in 09 and while I know a lot of that is inspired by envy and hate I myself as a HUGE Wade fan wonder sometimes.

The stuff he was doing that season just defied logic. I have to laugh when people claim someone like Drex or AI is better than this guy.

Wade at his highest level is an absolute OGRE, DOMINANT on the level of a Wilt, Lebron, Shaq, Jordan. Those players obviously being much better at SUSTAINING that level.

wade on jordan's level

jordan avg 37ppg,and wade
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