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Default Re: Alternative ISH League 2011-12

Originally Posted by D.Z.W.
I actually haven't won Alt League since 2009 though
But thanks, I'm pretty confident I can win this year

When I was going on a good streak to close out the season, I didn't think I could lose, but then Kabongers beat me 5-4 and kinda gave me a woke up call. Then after when I saw you bolster your team with Irving, Pau, Drummond in like a week span, I did honestly get pretty nervous since your team looked really strong. I'm glad I was able to make it past you, I definitely thought you were the biggest threat in this league (sorry Pete )

None taken, I've come to this final on the strength of pure neglect, non chalance, and complete indifference. We'll see if it carries me through to the title.
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