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Default Re: Do you think Kobe could've won a championship

Originally Posted by pauk
MJ was in similar situation before he got the roster of Pippen / Grant with some lineup changes, look what happened, just being fair here. Even when he got Pippen/Grant he wasnt able to come up with a championship for about 3-4 years, with experience & lineup/strategy changes they got better and Lakers/Celtics/Pistons dying out helped alot aswell... i am not sure he or anybody could have won a championship with Larry Hughes or Mo Williams being their 2nd option....

All i am saying is that this is a team game unfortunately.... one player can have great impact, but if you do not have the required supporting cast then that wont matter, except perhaps give wins in the regular season and perhaps give a you playoff run.......

Exactly, people act like MJ could win before pippen showed up
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