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Default Re: Dwyane Wade's blocking ability is unreal

Originally Posted by Breezy
Yes! Kobe is a better shot blocker than Wade! Finally someone is courageous enough to tell the obvious truth. Now we just need to have somebody come forward and expose other elements of Kobe's superiority. Like how he's a better rebounder than Rodman, and a better passer than stockton, and has a better cross over than Iverson, and how he's a better dunker than Carter, and How he's taller than Manute Bol.
No dude.. Kobe is not a better rebounder than Rodman aka the GOAT rebounder but I believe Kobe is one of the best rebounding guard of all time.. Kobe is also not better than Iverson in cross over department.. Maybe you can say that they're equal but better, nah.. Kobe is arguably the best in game dunker but in slam dunk contest, Vince Carter wins hands down.. And last, are you a troll? It's obviously that Manute Bol is taller than Kobe..
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