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Default Re: Do you think Kobe could've won a championship

Originally Posted by I<3NBA
Mr. Ayotunde Ndiaye,

that's a very interesting sport, and i agree the game you play is similar to the game of basketball. however, let me correct your analogy a bit more. think of basketball as having a limited number of stones to throw. killing the adulterer using less stones is thus more desirable as "chucking" with no moral concern will actually lead to your team losing as you will run out of stones if you cannot kill the adulterer in time.

I agree with this here, but even so a proper team effort can result in success. Imagine you have a gunner chucking a whole bunch of rocks from a distance with mediocre effectivness. But you also have three very tall guys up right near the pole who are throwing their rocks from where it is harder to miss. Plus you also have a wing player from the village who isnt afraid to guard for lions, and always does the guarding so the gunner can keep doing the heavy chucking.

This will lead to victory and the heavy chucker will be celebrated by the youngest villagers and the families who grew up too poor to have been allowed to go to school.
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