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Default Re: Do you think Kobe could've won a championship

Originally Posted by 6 for 24
Mr. <8:

What a very attractive and well-dressed woman! Only the wealthiest of our ladies could afford such garments. I find it most hard to believe such a delicate flower could compete in this game, so you must be making a funny with me.

Warmest regards,

Ayotunde Ndiaye

(Could I get her number by chance?)
Dear Ayotunde,

A woman he is not! I jest you not, but that person is actually a man. yes, surprising i know. but nevertheless, he is a man, who, i have been told to believe, has the blood of a turtle. it is said that is how he gets the stamina of stopping the top hunter, Kevin "baby face assassin" Durant. his turtle genes combine with his urkel sense and he stops the assassin with great ease.
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