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Default Re: Do you think Kobe could've won a championship

Originally Posted by 6 for 24
My InsideHoops brothers & sisters:

This is a wonderful discussion! Now here in Mozambique, we did not receive the NBA broadcasts during the time you refer to, but I can only assume this Cleveland team was horrible, yes? So the question is, can the great Kobe Bryant take a horrible team to the championship trophy?

I am no expert on the basketball, but, from the many hours I have watched Kobe Bryant, I would say yes, emphatically! I believe, so long as there are players that are willing to give Kobe the ball, the ball will find its way to the cylinder, awarding the points necessary to be victorious.

For example, let us look at this season. Again, it is difficult for me to follow the broadcasts due to the inclement weather and the lions, but from my understanding, Kobe has quite horrible teammates this year. And yet it seems his team is again the favorites to win the championship title! This is quite remarkable!

So, yes, yes, one thousand times yes!

Warmest regards,

Ayotunde Ndiaye
My good man, Ayotunde Ndiaye

it pains me to inform you that putting the ball in the basket is not the only prerequisite to winning championships. one must also stop the other team from putting the ball in their own basket, preferably getting them to score less. consider it a contest of who hunts the most lions.

so in this contest, you not only need a team with a deadly hunter (such as your idol Kobe "Chucker" Bryant), but you also need a team with a "hunter stopper."

i think it is time to introduce you to a great "hunter stopper"

he may not look like it, but he is currently the best at stopping the top hunter (his name is Kevin Durant btw and he has led the league in scoring for 3 straight years. who do you know in Mozambique has led your tribe in killing lions for 3 straight years?) in NBA today.

best of luck in your hunting endeavors btw.

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