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Default Re: Do you think Kobe could've won a championship

Originally Posted by Königspinguin
He wouldn't get them out of the first round. Lebron is just a better player than Kobe.

now? sure... all time? no... during the playoffs when the cavs were a 60 win team? no...

kobe was much more capable than lebron at the time for leading teams to championships

lebron was still in diapers learning how and when to do things. and figuring out how to play in 4th quarters.

fact is.. kobe won a title with the 3rd or 4th worst championship 2nd option in nba history

only hakeem and walton had lower ranked kick stands

bynum sat the 4th quarters and only averaged 6-8 points..

odom never made an allstar team

everyone else after that was pretty average

lebron needed 2 hall of famers in their prime just to win 1 asterisk title

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