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Default Re: Do people really believe KD is only a good scorer because of his free throws?

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
Lets get this out of the way. Your numbers are deceptive. I posted nothing deceptive. Just reality.

No, I posted numbers with context. You simply posted total FTA, which is obviously deceptive as I showed.

You can't just post fga and pretend like it is equal. And I never even said they got to the line at a comparable rate. I said it wasn't that big of a difference...which it isn't on a per game basis. And I said it was deserved for Durant because he's just better at drawing fouls.

It is a big difference in terms of averages, and especially the rate they get to the line at. To show you what a big difference it's made, Durant's TS% has jumped from 61% to 64% based almost solely on the fact that the rate he gets to the line at increased so much from last season.

On threes alone you have to remove 2 shots per game from Melo and 1 shot per game from Kobe.

And I posted how many shots Melo and Durant take at the rim, so this is irrelevant.

And we all know both of those guys take more bad shots than Durant besides that as well.

So it's not hard man. Durant is better at drawing fouls and Melo / Kobe take more threes and more bad shots. So that total number of fga per game that the players are in a situation to actually get fouled starts to get very close.

Durant is better at drawing fouls, doesn't mean he deserves all of them that he gets. Besides, Kobe has probably been the best in the league at drawing legitimate fouls on jump shots for years.

So besides trying to cover up the fact that your fga comparison is basically just agree that Durant is better at drawing fouls. So what is your problem?

I just told you, it's the excessive rate. The fact that he gets to the line at a noticeably higher rate than 2000 Shaq is laughable.

And it's clear to anyone who watches them play that Melo doesn't get the calls Durant does, even on similar plays. Melo often gets hit going inside with no foul calls, if there's the slightest contact on Durant, or even just someone contesting an easy shot of his that he misses, he usually gets the call.

And the only one whose trying to cover anything up is you. You posted simple FTA numbers(which weren't that close) to try to suggest he doesn't get to the line at a higher rate.
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