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Default Re: Theoo basketballs school

Originally Posted by OmniStrife
So simple, yet so brilliant! Theoo, probably taught Steve Nash and Ray Allen themselves!
thanks men i didnt not but i learn shoting from watch steve nash and ray allen

Originally Posted by Clutch
Theoo,stick to jumpballtip. That's your area.

thats is next lesson

Originally Posted by Flush
I respect you Theoo, as I respect other posters. But man what the f**k? I mean, there are no better threads to create than basketball fundamentals? Like seriously. It looks so retarded and it even looks like you're trolling along with other ISH'ers.

I laughed so hard after I red second lesson.

Better make another thread about Kosta Koufos jumpball tip because this thread looks sad.
thnx men but theres alot peoples here that need learn these things becuse the make a no brainf k** posts its my resonsible to make it to ish , that the learn , is only a post sundays

Originally Posted by Psycho
Theoo, you are not funny. Seriously take a look at yourself in the mirror. You are dedicating large segments of your life to pretending to be a retard on an internet forum. Please grow up.

you: 44 posts a day
me: 1.38 posts a day

shut fk** your fk** retart get out these thread is emberressing, i waste my life your have 40 times more posts every all day then me dude use your fk** ehad before i do another ether to your fk** no brain posts. maybe your one pretend to be afk** retart becuse is to easy to ether your fk** ass

Originally Posted by Droid101
Theoo thanks for your upcoming jump ball tip tips.

I am my team's center, and I always do the jump ball tip.

Any help is appreciated.

no problme man thats is next lesson

Originally Posted by Quintilianus
C'mon man, appreciate the work of a legend.
Theoo, never stop, you're a legend and probably the GOAT poster of this forum.
thanx men i do only to teach ish more to basketballs

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