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Default Re: Do people really believe KD is only a good scorer because of his free throws?

Durant and Kobe take almost the same % of mid range shots of their total FGA. One of them leans into defenders, pump fakes mid air, etc to get the call. The other you breathe on, he flails his arms and he's sent to the line for a pair of free throws. Yeah Kobe takes way more bad fadeaways etc than anyone else, but he's also the best at making them. That ability is his greatest strength and weakness at the same time. You cannot honestly say with a straight face that KD is fairly reffed, even for superstar standards. He gets at least 1-3 illegitimate trips to the line each game. That recent game @ Indy is one of his few post-ASG very good scoring performances without him getting bailed out like crazy and shooting 12-15 FTA
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