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Default Re: Do people really believe KD is only a good scorer because of his free throws?

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
How is that bringing any context to the numbers when all that shows is that Durant is much better at drawing fouls when he shoots.

At some point you have to give players credit for what they do well. Harden and Durant are great at drawing fouls...

And those numbers over the course of a season might look big...but they really aren't on a per game basis.

Like I said before...I think Durant's superior ability to draw shooting fouls over Kobe and Carmelo easily leads to an extra trip to the ft line a game.

It never ceases to amaze me how people just can't give credit to certain players for what they do well...instead it has to be about some NBA conspiracy to gift Durant free throws.

I don't know what you think of Harden then. He takes a full shot less than Durant per game and shoots almost 1 more free throw.

Conspiracy there as well?

First of all, don't dodge the fact that you posted deceptive numbers to try to suggest Melo and Kobe got to the line at a comparable rate. I proved that to be false. So lets get that out of the way.

As far as the rate Durant draws fouls at, I didn't tell you how to interpret the numbers. In fact, I just posted them and specifically said, interpret those anyway you want.

I didn't say Kobe and Melo should get to the line at the same rate Durant does. I watch them play, and would expect Durant to get more free throws because his shot is so difficult to contest, his off the ball movement sometimes gets him right under the basket which is almost always going to result in a foul or basket because you can't do much in that situation and as I mentioned, Durant's length makes him a very good finisher.

Melo on the other hand isn't the finisher Durant is and he gets a lot of shots blocked. But it's also clear he doesn't get anywhere near the calls Durant does. If you try to argue that, you simply don't watch both play. Melo actually does attempt 1.7 extra shots around the rim than Durant as well. And to put those numbers in better context, 26% of Melo's shots come at the rim, while 22.1% of Durant's shots come at the rim.

Durant sells the calls better, he always throws his arms up on a drive, but the refs almost always give him the benefit of the doubt, even if there's not much contact. For example, if Durant takes a jumper, misses it, but twists a little while he's shooting it, he'll almost always get free throws, same thing with lay ups. He still gets shooting fouls at times on that rip move as well, even when the other team isn't in the penalty.

And tell me, why Durant's free throws have increased so much from last season? I don't have a problem with him getting to the line a lot, but the rate is excessive, and I don't see anyway to argue that. He's getting to the line at a much higher rate than peak 2000 Shaq, a guy who played as physical as anyone, pretty much exclusively 10 feet and in, and was intentionally fouled.
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