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Default Re: Do people really believe KD is only a good scorer because of his free throws?

Lol DMAVS Durant gets free throws with little to no contact moreso than any other superstar since MJ, including Wade when he was in his D-Whistle prime and he does that with less at rim FGA than any of them, includig 100-year old 2013 Kobe Bryant.

The guy gets equally as many FTA as motherfvckn 06 Kobe who attempted 27 (!!) FGA and 6 at rim, as well as 01 Iverson who got hacked hard on his penetrations AND jumpers while obv attempting more FGA from any area on the court.

Durant's gaudy numbers both efficiency and volume wise are stupidly inflated because of Supersupersuperstar treatment. Nikka prolly has nudes of Stern or some like that.

Dirk in contrast is a jumpshooter who legitimately gets fouled most of the time, since his shot is literally unblockable and sniper-like in accuracy.

And Harden is a bad comparison. He's similar because he's a flopper but he's a statisticians wet dream in terms of shot selection. He drives much much more than KD and looks to actually finish the play more often, plus he's a better flopper and his Eurostep is so deceptive that you have to foul him.

I think KD reffed by normal superstar standards is a 25-28 ppg @ 58-60 TS% player which is still excellent.

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