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Default Re: Do people really believe KD is only a good scorer because of his free throws?

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
Durant is obviously a great scorer regardless. He's an unbelievable shooter from everywhere, and it's impossible to contest his shot since he's 6'10" with the arms of a seven footer, which also makes him a very good finisher. He moves well without the ball, and can create his own shot off the dribble.

You can't just post FTA without FGA. Durant attempts just 17.9 FGA while Melo takes 22 and Kobe takes 20.4, meaning Durant gets to the line at a much higher rate than any of them.

Durant averages a free throw attempt for every 1.91 FGA. Melo averages a FTA for every 2.9 FGA and Kobe averages a free throw attempt for every 2.63 FGA.

To put these numbers in perspective, Melo has 7 more total FGA all season and Durant has 243 more free throws. While Kobe has 149 more total FGA than Durant, and Durant has 141 more free throws.

I don't care what you personally interpret these numbers, just don't pretend Melo and Kobe get to the line at a comparable rate, because it's simply not true.

Personally, I think Durant's FTA this year are excessive. Last season, he attempted a free throw for every 2.59 FGA, now it's a FT for every 1.91 FGA as I mentioned before.

And he's not attempting more shots at the rim either.

At Rim: 4.2 FGA
3-10 feet: 3.1 FGA

At Rim: 4.0 FGA
3-10 feet: 3.0 FGA

That's why his TS% has jumped from 61% last season to 64% this season while his eFG% has remained roughly the same at just over 55% this season vs just under last season.

How is that bringing any context to the numbers when all that shows is that Durant is much better at drawing fouls when he shoots. And probably means that Kobe and Melo take a handful of bad shots a game that Durant doesn't...and doesn't have to because of his team. You see....your breakdown isn't really that fair because of the following;

Take Kobe. Well, he takes 1 more 3 per game. So there goes 1 of those extra shots...obviously you can get fouled on a 3, but pretty rare. Down to 19.4 vs 17.9. Now, how many shots a game does Kobe settle for vs Durant not. I'd say Kobe probably takes something around 1 to 2 just bad shots a game that Durant, on average, doesn't take. Now you start to get very close on the shot attempts per game in which the player can realistically get fouled. Then...all you have to do is factor in the simple fact that Durant is easily superior at drawing fouls...hence you get him going to the line roughly 1 more time per game.

Take Melo. Same thing. Melo takes 2 more threes per game. Down to 20 vs 17.9 on that alone. Again, how many bad shots does Melo take a game that Durant doesn't? Probably 1 to 2 again. So now you are at something like 19 vs 17.9. Factor in Durant's superior ability to get to the line and you have the difference...that is very conceivable.

At some point you have to give players credit for what they do well. Harden and Durant are great at drawing fouls...

And those numbers over the course of a season might look big...but they really aren't on a per game basis.

Like I said before...I think Durant's superior ability to draw shooting fouls over Kobe and Carmelo easily leads to an extra trip to the ft line a game.

It never ceases to amaze me how people just can't give credit to certain players for what they do well...instead it has to be about some NBA conspiracy to gift Durant free throws.

I don't know what you think of Harden then. He takes a full shot less than Durant per game and shoots almost 1 more free throw.

It's really quite simple. Durant has better shot selection and shoots less threes. He also settles a little less than both Kobe and Melo...and he's just better at drawing fouls. On threes alone it cuts your fga argument down considerably.

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