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Default Re: Is John Wall now a top 5 PG?

Originally Posted by Graviton
Ninja I am from the Bay, I watch almost every Warrior game.

I just hate how soft they are and how little balls they show a lot of the time. And Curry outside of jacking up 3s does very little, people talk about Westbrook/Kobe jacking up stupid shots but Curry is up there too. Even when he makes them, how many fastbreak pull up 3s does he take on average? One day it will help the team, but next day he jacks up like 10 3s and only makes 3, he settles for jumpers too often. Watch them get owned in the playoffs with their playstyle, all those 3s won't be falling much.

Curry has been great, but I wouldn't put him on the "elite" tier with those other guys that bring more to the table, he is just below them in that 7-10 spot.

Curry does jack threes but he's been converting them on a 45% clip since the all star break. And a transition 3 is not even a bad shot especially when taken from a shooter like curry. Warriors do take a lot of threes though and IMO don't have enough heart and leadership to be any type of elite team right now but that's not what I was talking about.

Strictly speaking since the break, curry has been better than Parker. For the season, I agree curry is more in the top ten than the top five.
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